We are pleased to announce the website launching of our lighting design office, “LIGHT GRAFFITI.”

We have come back to Hokkaido after working as a lighting designer for Japanese lighting manufacturer and lighting design office in Singapore. During younger days, we used to think that our hometown doesn’t have anything attractive around. However, now we have realized that Hokkaido has spectacular spots made more wonderful with natural lights, not to mention the fact that these places are easily accessible by car. Beautiful gradation on the surface of magnificent land with sunset and soft reflection on water surface has been a great attraction. These dynamic and transitional scenery would be one of distinct characteristics of Hokkaido and I believe, as a lighting designer, it can be highlighted along with a variety of lighting techniques.

Lighting design work can be related to a variety of space such as residential, commercial, public facilities, lighting event and urban master planning.

In this day and age, the value of lighting design has been gradually admitted in Japan in the process of LED technology development but generally Japanese people still seem to focus on mere energy saving aspects and illuminance. It might be caused by less oppotunities to learn the potential and beauty of light and shadow through our convenient lives with bright artificial lighting. Furthermore, art and design has not been recognized enough as a service with cost in this country, and it is perhaps because it interrupts development and they simply lack understanding about lighting design industry.

We would like more people to know that even a few lighting can dramatically change the ambience of a space!! We strongly believe that light is essential “material” for space. Illuminated objects give an amazing impression to spectators at night even though they look plain at daytime.

We have just taken the first step in this small town in Hokkaido, holding on to our passion to let people know the significance of making a space beautiful and valuable. Even if it would only make a limited impact compared with overseas or urban area, we hope someone will recognize our vision. After all, our mission is to give happiness and delight to our clients.

We are grateful for the people who have supported us along the way and we are looking forward to connecting with you in the future! We will always aspire to make our dream expand from this small place!